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Third Party Marketing

We provide third party marketing and consulting services for a broad range of clients both in the hedge fund arena as well as private equity. Originated from a vast network of sources and depending on the criteria set by our advisors in determining what value we may add from the onset, we are very proud to hand pick only select funds and projects that we believe carry not only great promise and prestige but also the credibility and stability established from sound analysis. Our extensive experience in due diligence, consulting and asset raising, combined with our strong relationships with institutional and high net worth investors are brought to bear for both the project and our investor clients.


Life Sciences - Biotechnology

Biotechnology Sector

We are very excited about the future of the Biotechnology Sector and believe that a number of disruptive technologies will soon emerge creating significant opportunities for investors positioned correctly.  Following the mapping of the human genome and associated milestones a global effort has been underway to develop the therapeutics, related services, methodologies and devices defining the life sciences of tomorrow.  We have identified select funds and platform companies that are keenly dedicated to the implementation of the advancements with highly specific criteria.



Amidst the "Go Green" movement lies genuine opportunities that will shape the energy technologies of tomorrow.  We are directly involved in the sustainability sector initiating our exposure the automotive industry, the most critical sector to effect renewables.

Our relationships within the U.S. Government delivered bi-partisan support for our clients ultimately obtaining the active participation on the part of the selected legislators. Our advisors, colleagues and investors have projects underway within the global sustainability movement that lead or invest in the technologies that will emerge as the standards of the near future.