Sheffield International's programs consist of chosen services for all phases of business development. Serving as a direct extension to your team, we deliver a comprehensive package of services that complement one another to maximize the impact.   We take a deep personal understanding of our clients businesses and represent it in an unconventional and compelling manner.

Investor Relations

Simple:  We supercharge your visibility to the most appropriate investors with a tailored and powerful message.

Sheffield International’s advisors work closely with you to design and present highly customized, results-oriented programs that highlight key messages, enhance credibility, and increase visibility to the most appropriate investors.

We deliver proven methods to heighten investor awareness and execute laser focussed campaign, freeing you from many of the time-consuming burdens of figuring it out while running your business. From the development of a cost cutting strategy to reduce associated expenses to direct introductions with pre-qualified investors, Sheffield International can add tangible value to any corporation's IR program. Each client program is individually tailored to complement its in-house resources and can be implemented with monthly retainers, fixed-price projects, and/or hourly programs.

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Private Equity and Fund Marketing

We provide third party marketing and consulting services for a broad range of clients both in the hedge fund arena as well as private equity. Originated from a vast network of sources and depending on the criteria set by our advisors in determining what value we may add from the onset, we are very proud to hand pick only select funds and projects that we believe carry not only great promise and prestige but also the credibility and stability established from sound analysis. Our extensive experience in due diligence, consulting and asset raising, combined with our strong relationships with institutional and high net worth investors are brought to bear for both the project and our investor clients.


International and Government Access

Sheffield International's collegues and advisors have global access and influence. Incorporating a blend of resources we strategize the best approach to providing direct liaison to U.S. legislators, government agencies and/or NGOs through either direct relationships or through veteran lobbiests on Capitol Hill.  As advocates for our chosen projects we are able to open doors to the U.S. government and to the sovereign governments in certain nations with whom we have relationships.

We have established relationships that often include ongoing projects in Europe; Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Thailand and certain nations in the Middle East and Africa.  Experienced in the management of highly sensitive issues we operate in a discreet and diplomatic environment and maintain a close relationship with our various resources. Sheffield International is comfortable investing in not only healthy companies and projects to capitalize on their strengths, but also in businesses that require a significant amount of development through operational initiatives to establish or restore it to optimal performance.

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Strategic Partnerships

Sheffield International's partners and advisors have unique backgrounds that give our clients direct access to outside operational knowledge and talent, allowing us to move with greater precision and speed than typically expected.  Our relationships are with the highest level of managment within the industries or companies in which we have exposure.  The network extends to a broad spectrum of businesses so that valuable synergies are often identified from more obscure resources.


Public Relations

We build a client’s reputation and elevate its valuation. Our elite Media placement services – all of which are supported by a graphics design component that builds effective web sites, corporate and technical presentations and corporate identity.
Telling investors what your company stands for requires an ongoing commitment. Sheffield International leverages a group of professionals with the intellectual capacity to think completely through your story and communicate your strengths to the market.

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