Many of Sheffield International Finance Corporation's resources are both private and public.  Sheffield International assembles a pool of talent that blend the value of seasoned advisors ranging from different locales, fields of expertise and vantage points.  Amongst those assets are "stealth individuals" whose formal relationships or board representations preclude them from public disclosure of participation.  Although outwardly silent many advisors share not only in the procurement and development of a given project, but also in the fruits.  Amongst the relationships associated are:

Philippe R. Harari, President and C.E.O.

As President and C.E.O. of Sheffield International Finance Corporation, Philippe Harari lends his multi-lingual personal approach to international strategic relationships and joint ventures. With an assembly of seasoned professionals and experts in their niche fields, Sheffield International has leveraged decades of aggregate experience into one boutique that delivers precise influence and counsel. With a multi-cultural reach across different sectors, blending a vast network of assets together with a select list of public and private entities and/or individuals, Sheffield provides a strategic arrangement of expertise that delivers unique guidance and opportunity to those relationships. He maintains an expansive network of  institutions and seasoned suitors that have developed the resources and influence that deliver effective project/client pairing.

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Javier de Rocafort


Mr. Javier De Rocafort is Chairman of Balmoral Capital Partners, CEO of Corporalia Investments and Chairman of the Board at The Quimera Project.  He also sits on the board of several entities including serving as Strategic Advisor at Banque Priveé Edmond de Rothschild in Geneva.

His reach extends deep into the urban development sustainability sector representing one of the most prominent  sustainability projects in the world with member entities ranging from all over the world.


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Scott Young

Seasoned investment banker with extensive relationship-oriented cross-border transaction experience on a pan-European and trans-Atlantic basis. Extensive career in initiating, developing, expanding and converting to revenue-generating status key client relationships, with experience gained in the following firms:

· LF Rothschild (New York)

· Morgan Stanley & Co. (New York)

· Translink International (Paris and London)

· Carlton Partners LLP (London)

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Garo Artinian

Management with full P & L experience in manufacturing companies ranging from $400 million to $2 billion in revenues producing and marketing Industrial, Commercial and Consumer products globally. Expertise in business turnarounds, facilities consolidation, team building, acquisitions and divestitures.

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Roy B. Assad

Roy Assad is a professional advisor, motivational speaker, and executive coach. With nearly thirty years experience in an award winning sales career, he has mastered the arts of networking, negotiation and bridge-building. These skills have enhanced his effectiveness in the coaching of executives and entrepreneurs.

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Kelly T. Hickel

Mr Kelly Hickel has a track record of outstanding performance in corporate management, managing programs and Capital development since 1976. He has been an external consultant since 1990 concentrating on consulting, marketing, software development and business management.  Ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 companies with particular expertise in operations, turnarounds, program and project management and capital development. He is high energy, hard charging individual and a creative team manager with an ability to identify missions and needs, assign responsibilities and successfully handle strategies and tactics to accomplish strong program or project results. Intuitive and experienced ability to analyze results, resources, evaluate strengths, diagnose and direct.

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Charles R. Levy

Charles R. Levy is a Member of the Board and Chairman of the Finance Committee of Phoenix Worldwide Industries, Inc., a 25-year old company specializing in the design and manufacture of counter-terrorism and Homeland Security platforms and equipment. He has a background in Public Securities Finance and has served as President, Vice Chairman, and Senior Partner of three securities brokerage firms. The latter was Winthrop Financial Corporation of Boston where, as National Marketing Partner, Mr. Levy helped raise approximately $6 Billion of equity and debt.

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Jose A. Esquivel

Jose A. Esquivel is a director.  Mr. Esquivel is the brother of Dr. J. Al. Esquivel Shuler.  Mr. Esquivel has a background in Public Accounting, Securities Finance, Merger & Acquisition and entrepreneurship.  He has participated in 31 mergers, various secondaries, 2 IPO’s and a number of bankruptcy re-capitalisations.

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