Lentigen is pioneering an inevitable path to the future of medicine.

Founded in 2004, Lentigen is dedicated to advancing biomedicine and improving human health by the development and provision of Biotherapeutics, Vaccines & Research Products. The company intends to become a leader in the development of such Biologic Products using its proprietary Lentiviral Vector (LV) technology, widely recognized by the scientific community as the most efficient method for stable gene delivery into cells. Under the direction of an experienced management team, Lentigen has established a strong intellectual property position in the area of LV technology. The combination of strong academic and corporate collaborations that support a robust proprietary pipeline will fuel company growth, while a diversity of funding models and business opportunities will mitigate risk.

Lentigen Corporation is a privately owned biotechnology company focused on the development of lentiviral vectors using its proprietary gene delivery technology for a wide range of applications in biotechnology and medicine. Lentiviral vectors are highly adapted delivery vehicles that can transport genes or gene silencing sequences into cells with high efficiency and stability. Lentigen is positioning itself to become the leading company for the development of Lentiviral vector technology.

Lentigen is a highly collaborative company, co-developing Lentiviral vector-based products across a broad spectrum of bench to clinical applications. Collaborations include The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The National Institutes of Health, PATH, Expression Therapeutics, Epixis SA, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Pittsburgh and The U.S. Army.  The Company has succeeded in funding much of it's work through government grants accelerating it's development and milestones of achievement.



Lentigen Fact Sheet