International and Government Access

Sheffield International's collegues and advisors have global access and influence. Incorporating a blend of resources we strategize the best approach to providing direct liaison to U.S. legislators, government agencies and/or NGOs through either direct relationships or through veteran lobbiests on Capitol Hill.  As advocates for our chosen projects we are able to open doors to the U.S. government and to the sovereign governments in certain nations with whom we have relationships.

We have established relationships that often include ongoing projects in Europe; Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Thailand and certain nations in the Middle East and Africa.  Experienced in the management of highly sensitive issues we operate in a discreet and diplomatic environment and maintain a close relationship with our various resources. Sheffield International is comfortable investing in not only healthy companies and projects to capitalize on their strengths, but also in businesses that require a significant amount of development through operational initiatives to establish or restore it to optimal performance.

Most recently, our colleagues successfully courted the formal and active support of numerous U.S. Senators and Congressmen, including State Governor and relevant agencies for a green initiative backed by Sheffield International.

Political Letters of Support.