Every project and relationship is subject to background analysis by Sheffield International and international law enforcement resources to ensure that all parties are clean of any unlawful activities.

Through an honest and creative approach, Sheffield International Finance Corporation endorses first-rate ventures at the pinnacle of their industries.  We hand-pick few projects each year and dedicate an abundant array of resources to each client.

The geographical profiles of interest are within stable democracies in the Americas, Europe & Asia, non-democracies in secular States with emerging economies in the Middle East and developing countries in Africa on a case-by-case basis. We work closely with management, enabling it to leverage our experience and relationships to facilitate growth and value.


INTEGRITY. It’s not just a word. It’s an approach.  Our philosophy is to first determine whether our firm can deliver the services we delineate with management and then to match those goals with our capabilities.  Prior to engaging with any client, Sheffield International carefully determines the short to long term goals of the company.  After which, an evaluation period follows where we do exploratory due diligence within our sphere of relationships to develop a strategy or vision that will then be executed.  The goal is that neither party is ever misguided in their expectation of risk and opportunity.


We probe, question and listen to our clients.  Each client has a unique story to tell.  We develop a genuine understanding of our client’s perspective and then transform highly-complex ideas into simple, common-sense messages delivered with PASSION and credibility.  Sheffield International carefully executes a tailored orchestra of services and in the process strengthens relationships with investors, clients, partners and media. We innovate new and exciting means to promote your enterprise and proactively make strategic recommendations. Our skill to represent our client's story is world-class and based in RESULTS.